Competitions 2023 – 2024 Season

Monthly Competitions

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1st Monthly Competition - Theme 'Open' ; Entries by 14th Sept 23', Results 5th Oct 23'
2nd Monthly Competition - Theme 'Patterns in Nature' ; Entries by 19th Oct 23', Results 9th Nov 23'
3rd Monthly Competition - Theme 'Action' ; Entries by 16th Nov 23', Results 7th Dec 23'
4th Monthly Competition - Theme 'Symmetry' ; Entries by 4th Jan 24', Results 25th Jan 24'
5th Monthly Competition - Theme 'Street Photography' ; Entries by 1st Feb 24', Results 22nd Feb 24'
6th Monthly Competition - Theme 'Open' ; Entries by 29th Feb 24', Results 21st Mar 24'




2023 – 2024 IMAGE & PDI OF THE YEAR

Gallery Night Results


Our club is a member of North Yorkshire & South Durham Photographic Association (NYSDPA) and competed against fellow clubs in the annual Inter-club competition 2023. Each club entered 6 Prints & 6 PDI’s to represent their club, one Print & one PDI entry was also allowed for the individual Silver Salva Competition. All entries where independently judged & trophies where awarded to the winning club(s) & winning Individuals at the awards evening held at Northallerton Camera Club on November 24th 2023. 

The results of the Inter-Club Prints & PDI Competitions are below . . . . . . .

CONGRATULATIONS IS IN ORDER not just to our club but to CHRIS REED; GPG’s very own member who excelled in both Inter-Club competitions with his images achieving both Best Print & Best PDI in these two  competitions, well done Chris. 


‘Steam Powered’

NYSDPA Inter-Club Competition 2023 – Best Print Image by Chris Reed GPG

‘Little Egret’

NYSDPA Inter-Club Competition 2023 – Best PDI Image by Chris Reed GPG


Our Club ‘Short-Set Competition’ Results 8th February 2024. Members submitted a slideshow presentation accompanied by music, it was judged by attending members.


NCPF Club Championship 2024

Results Tables

20 x Prints and 20 x PDI’s submitted by each of the competing clubs, judged 11th February 2024